Helping Hands Program

2014 "Helping Hands"

Administrator: Sherry Stephens of Morning Star Construction
Phone: 302-539-0791

Program Philosophy

Helping Hands program offers disadvantaged community members free services and professional advice in the field of home construction, maintenance and repair.

The Helping Hands Program is a new program in development based on the idea of helping neighbors when they need a hand due to income or health restrictions. Projects may include such needs as constructing wheelchair ramps, repair or replacing hazardous floors, doors or windows or modifying an existing residence to allow better use by a disabled occupant. We will be working closely with the Emergency Home Repair Project, a long-term program chartered in 1991 by the First State Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. (RC&D) which is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

2014 Contractors for a Cause Helping Hands Program Procedure

  1. Qualifying an Applicant’s project for the “Helping Hands Program”
    1. Provide Candidate & Project Information - By Completing CFAC “Helping Hands” application form. The Applicant/ Sponsor or Director completes this form telling us about the applicant, their need and why the applicant and their project should be considered for the Helping Hands program.
    2. Qualify Candidate and their Project - By Completing CFAC Income Cert, Form & Liability forms. The Applicant is to review and complete this form with the Director /Sponsor, prior to submitting to the membership or Bod approval along with a rough cost estimate of the work to be preformed.
    3. Submit for Project Approval - By: Completing a site visit and evaluation Providing the (2) intake forms above Providing a rough project cost, The candidate and their project are how ready to be place on the agenda for the next scheduled monthly Membership meeting or for immediate consideration it may be submit to the Board of Directors for approval. Please note: ( project sponsor must be a CFAC Member)
  2. Project Approval and Procedure
    1. Project approval granted By: majority vote of CFAC Membership present at the meeting in which the project was presented or by direct approval from all of the Board of Members for urgent needs.
    2. Start Date & Project Coordinator - announced by the “Helping Hands” Director to the CFAC membership & Suppliers for project participation and coordination.
    3. Payment of Project invoices - approved Bills submitted by the director /sponsor/Coordinator are to be present to the CFAC Foundation Secretary for payment.
    4. Completion of Project - A Project completion form is submitted to Sectary by Director/Sponsor, verifying project costs and participation. Form to be keep on record and issue and or reported to…. the Membership at large
    5. A Thank-you - A written thanks to all Sponsors & volunteers
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