What Members Do:

Joining CFAC Foundation provides its members an outlet to give back to the community. Whether you like working with your hands, teaching, supporting our youth, or just enjoy the social aspects of Golf, Baseball, Art, Travel, or even a little gambling, CFAC has a place for you.

Our members' generous support and volunteer efforts are the very core of our outstanding ability to get things done. Your valuable skills, talents, and resources are warmly welcomed in whatever area fits you best.

Monthly Meetings:

A one hour business meeting is held at varying venues on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Meetings are to inform/update members, as to the progress of Service Programs and Events. Frequently including a brief guest speaker presentation on an industry related topic and light refreshments.

Networking with Builders & Suppliers:

After the meeting there is time to socialize and network with other builders, suppliers, and related tradesmen. All CFAC members will receive notices about members, meetings, services, products, and events via email and will be listed on our website –

Donate: You can help make a difference in the community by making a donation to CFAC. Every bit helps those around you.
Contact Us at 410-352-9800 to donate!

Alarm Engineering – Ron Boltz
All States Construction – Jim Kyger
Beachwood – Bob Purcell
Bunting Construction – Coleman Bunting
Carpets by the Ocean – Joerg Leinemann
D3Corp – Jay Bosley
Delaware Elevator – Pete Meeks
East Coast Fasteners – Dave Epps
Northeastern Supply – Alan Cowan
Potomac Valley Brick – Jeff Bauer
Renovations by the Ocean – Joerg Leinemann
REW Materials – Scott Norton
Robert Frick Mechanical – Bob Frick
SeaHawk Design Technologies – Mark Hardt
Seaside Plumbing – Josh & Lauren Martin
Weather or Not – Chris King
Andy McLaughlin
Paul Baunhofer
Mary Ochse

Sign up to become a Member:

As a member of CFAC you will receive notices about member services, products, and events that may be sent via email. Some emails may contain solicitations or advertisements about these products and events and you may decline to receive such emails from CFAC by emailing us or by contacting CFAC at the address below.

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A. Business $250.00
B. Individual $150.00
Check: Made Payable to CFAC
Credit Card: Please contact us to make your payment

As a volunteer you will be helping those in need in our community. Donating a little of your time at one of our events or to one of our programs goes a long way. Please check the box next to how you would like to help us make a difference.

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