Administrator: Josh Martin of Seaside Plumbing Inc.
Phone: 410-641-1368

Scholarship Philosophy

Contractors for a Cause believes that helping local students realize a career in the construction industry or a related field (electric, mechanical, architecture, engineering, design, etc.) through continued education and/or an apprenticeship will assist them in further developing trade knowledge and skills. We hope that these skills will not only benefit the individual, but also our future community service needs. Legacy Scholarship recipients who attain an accredited education and field expertise in their chosen field of construction will also have CFAC’s continued commitment to assist them with career opportunities in the construction industry.

1) One scholarship of $3,000 will be awarded. The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize one local high school graduating senior planning to pursue a career in, or affiliated with, the field of construction. Stephen Decatur High School students can contact Counselor Kay Russo for application information, or see links below for the online application.

All candidates must provide: a complete application and an essay or oral presentation, which will be used to select a winner.

The essay or oral presentation should tell the selection committee about the applicant and their reasons for pursuing a career in the construction industry. Applicants may write or speak about academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, work experience, and financial need.


Apply Here


Must be a maximum of 600 words typed in 12-point font, double spaced, with page(s) numbered. No personal identification should be visible on any page of the essay.

Oral Presentation (Optional)

Must be announced to the scholarship director/administrator prior to April 23, 2022.
Presentation should be 10 minutes in length. Oral presentations will be given in front of the scholarship selection committee on April 23, 2022 at the Seaside Plumbing Inc. offices located at the Ocean Pines address below.


The application form and essay must be submitted together via:
Email to: or
Mail to: Contractors for a Cause
c/o Josh Martin
10545 Friendship Road Unit 4
Berlin MD 21811

Application PDF:

MD CFAC Legacy Scholarship Application


Application and essay must be email dated or postmarked by April 23, 2022.
Application and/or oral presentation is to be given on April 23, 2022 at 5:30 PM. All essays submitted become the property of Contractors for a Cause (CFAC). CFAC may publish information about, photos of, and all or parts of the essay submitted via any media.