Congrats to Our Delaware Legacy Scholarship Winners

Kendall Coleman2021 Scholarship Winner
Kendall Coleman, 20221 CFAC Scholarship winner

I have always been fascinated by STEM. Growing up, multiple members of my family had careers in STEM, my father was a construction project manager. He would always come home with blueprints that he would let me look at, which would evolve to me being able to identify different aspects of blueprints at a young age. My mother was also a math teacher at a local night school for adults pursuing their GED’s- I would accompany her some nights and learn high school math. My grandfather also has a degree in aeronautical engineering and worked for Boeing designing helicopters. Over time, these influences and more would help me realize that I wanted to major in technology over time.

While STEM covers a wide variety of interests, it can be hard to find exactly what you like the best. Joining my school’s VEX Robotics team in sixth grade helped me explore more about STEM. Despite wanting to only build robots, I became my team’s programmer. While this wasn’t the only thing I did while on the robotics team, it was one of my favorite past-times learning how to code my team’s robot to move autonomously and manually. Over the next three years, I would learn how to build and code robots and build teamwork skills. I soon realized that a career in computer science would be something I would enjoy. As a high school senior, I have continued to be involved in classes and clubs that will help me learn more about computer science. I am currently taking Cybersecurity and AP Computer Science Principles, which have allowed me to explore various fields of computer science. I am also involved in the school’s robotics and TSA clubs. Aside from clubs surrounding STEM, I am also a member of the Indian River Band, and have participated in both the marching and concert bands, pit bands, county honors bands and state honors bands, as well as in the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In addition, I am also president of the drama club and a member of the National Honor Society, Leo Club, and yearbook committee.

Helping my community has also been something important to me. Throughout the past few years, I have met people that have helped me strive to be the best I can be. Recently, I have been spending my weekends volunteering at the Atlantic Community Thrift Store, helping to put out items, sort through donations, and help bag items when it’s busy. I’ve been extremely grateful for the people I have met through the thrift store and have been inspired by them to always help others when I have the chance. Since November of 2021, I have spent over 60 hours volunteering.

I have always worked hard to be as successful as possible in school, as education is important to me. During my time at Indian River, I have accumulated a 4.433 GPA and scored a 1320 on my SAT. I have also taken numerous rigorous classes, such as AP Language, AP Computer Science Principles, Dual Enrollment English, and a handful of honors classes. During college, I plan to major in Computer Science. Although this does not relate to construction, I feel as though my drive and work effort makes me a worthy applicant. My dream job is to work with NASA programming autonomous Mars robots. With this scholarship, I would be able to put the money towards my college education to make it slightly less expensive. Having this scholarship will also allow me to put more time into my studies and not worry as much about my student debt.

Kaitlyn Vogel2021 Scholarship Winner
Kaitlyn Vogel, 2021 CFAC Scholarship winner

For the first seven years of my life, I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with my two sisters and parents. However, my world was quickly turned upside down when my younger sister, Gabby, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor called DIPG. Only three short months after her diagnosis, Gabby lost her battle to cancer and passed away on September 11, 2011 at only five years old.

Immediately after her passing, my family moved to southern Delaware, where we have lived since. In honor of my sister’s name, my family has created the Get Well Gabby Foundation to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and for families affected by childhood cancer. For eleven years, I have played an active role as the foundation’s vice president by planning and volunteering at all of the events we have held.

After moving to Delaware, I have become an active member in my community and school, by holding leadership positions as National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society President, Student Government Vice President, Sussex Tech Senior Drum Major, and Educators Rising Vice President. Along with my school activities, I hold myself to the highest academic standards and strive for success in school, which has helped me to become ranked second in my graduating class and given me the title of Salutatorian.

Outside of school, I play an active role in my community through volunteering at service events, dedicating time towards the Get Well Gabby Foundation, and serving at a local SoDel Concepts seafood restaurant. While I dedicate most of my time to school, band, and work, I typically spend my free time enjoying the beach or nature in my area.

With my desire to help the community and work closely with children, I plan to continue to college to study elementary education and English as a second language. After college, I plan to become an elementary teacher in Delaware in order to educate and be a guiding mentor for our future generations. My choice of career path has been greatly influenced by my second grade teacher, who made me feel welcome in her classroom just after my sister’s passing. She related to me through the death of her husband from cancer and formed a bond with me, which we still share today. I hope to inspire and influence children in my future classroom just as she did to me.

Evan Davis2020 Scholarship Winner

Attending Sussex Tech High School I had many technical pathway options to choose from. After all, Sussex Tech is a technical school that allowed me to have an area of study that was untraditional compared to a typical high school. After a great deal of thinking and discussion with family and friends, I chose carpentry, which has ended up being a great choice!

My very first class when I walked into Sussex Tech was, in fact, carpentry, and I met one of my favorite teachers of all time, Mr. Stough. I quickly realized that he was very knowledgeable, patient, and a great teacher. He never got too upset if I made a wrong cut or messed something up. He calmly explained what I did wrong, how to fix it, and then we went on building. In my first year there, my class and I built a shed from the ground up while learning how to layout a wall, layout a rafter, put up sheathing, roof a house, and put up siding. It was hard work, but I loved using my hands and seeing results. It took nearly all year to build that shed as we only had less than an hour and a half a day for construction time, as many classes were related to learning about safety and different tools or materials used in the trade. I was also able to be certified for OSHA 30, as Mr. Stough is an instructor for the course. I enjoyed building the shed and was excited that I would have more years of this class and learning new things.

During my junior year, and unlike the previous year, my class moved to the other side of the shop, which is the cabinet side. Here I learned about making furniture as we worked on building a cabinet. Prepping the boards using a planer and joiner, using a table saw to cut boards to length, and finishing and making our cabinets all took hard work and time. While this was going on, I was also able to take part in Skills USA. After an inter-school competition, I was selected along with two other Sussex Tech students to participate in Delaware’s carpentry competition. The competition included students throughout the state. While I was hoping to place in the top three and earn a chance to go to the national competition, I was not able to achieve that goal but I placed a respectable 11th out of 21 competitors.

I have tried to put all of this my carpentry knowledge into practice this past spring. I set up and organized as a youth leader for the Chesapeake Housing Project. My big project over spring break was going to build an entry ramp for a home for a local family, but unfortunately, due to COVID the project had to be canceled. I was excited to use my skills in the real world finally and was very upset that I could not take part in this project.

As I look forward to the future, I genuinely hope to take my skills and develop them further and put myself into a position to succeed. Transferring to Sussex Tech was one of my best choices as it taught me so much more than the standard classes I could have received at other schools. I realized that there are many career opportunities where I can use my physical skills, which is something I will truly enjoy.

Nicholas Holcomb2020 Scholarship Winner

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by technology, specifically computers. Whenever I had the chance, I would dismantle old computers and put them back together to learn how they work. Eventually, I saved up enough money to build my own computer. It was like a giant puzzle and piece by piece, I could physically see it coming together. I enjoyed the process so much that from then on, I knew I wanted to study something related to computers in college.

Throughout my high school experience, I have maintained straight A’s and made the High Honor Roll each semester. Also, I have been involved in various extracurricular activities. I have been a member of the Technology Student Association since my sophomore year. I enjoyed my experience in TSA so much that I took on the roles of treasurer and president in my junior and senior years, respectively. I developed invaluable leadership skills from my experiences, such as communication and flexibility. Each year I competed in various technological competitions, learning new skills and furthering my love of technology. In 2019, I placed third in the Delaware Technology Student Association Promotional Design Contest.

In addition to TSA, my involvement in the Foreign Language Activity Group beginning my junior year taught me to be more understanding and inclusive. I put these skills to use while volunteering in my community as a member of the National Honor Society, with which I have been involved since my junior year. Moreover, I plan to get involved in similar organizations in college, where I can learn valuable leadership skills that I can put to use while studying computer science in college.

Although volunteer opportunities have been limited in the past year due to the pandemic, it was still really important for me to find a way to give back. With the health of my family in mind, I chose low-risk activities, such as delivering groceries to elderly neighbors, bringing people their mail, and collecting donations for the local food pantry. These activities served as an opportunity to get out of the house, as well as something positive to focus on. Due to the pandemic, there was no better time to give back to my community.

I am excited to begin my undergraduate education in the field of computer science. A degree in computer science will allow me to master programming and computational methods; these skills will help me later on in my career. I am thrilled to learn more about computers, including the many different programming languages. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I plan to continue my education and achieve a master’s degree. Eventually, I hope to secure a job as a software engineer.

Although my career choice does not relate to construction, I feel that I am a worthy applicant because I am hardworking and driven. I know that I can succeed in my studies, but financing my degree is an obstacle. My family has never had much; with a single mother and two siblings in college, there have been times in which we did not know if we could afford to eat. I plan to work over the summer to save up as much money as I can, but I will likely have to take out student loans. Any financial assistance would be greatly beneficial. With help from the Legacy Scholarship Program, I can focus on my challenging classes rather than worry about affording them.