Our 2019 Legacy Scholarship Winners & Essays For Delaware

Luke Morgan2019 Scholarship Winner

The first time I grasped the concept of money, and learned the value of a dollar, my life changed. Money was no longer just money, rather it encompassed a strong work ethic, perseverance, and goals. My desired career does not involve the physical hammering of nails, rather it consists of the framework of the company’s success: financial management. Common sense would tell you a building with poor framework will come crumbling to the ground. Improper financial management has proven to be detrimental to the reputation and success of businesses. For this reason, I have the desire to pursue a career that focuses on a sound financial literacy that leads to sound financial decisions. A financial manager would be imperative to the success of any organization, including Contractors for a Cause.

I inherited a strong work ethic from my parents. They emphasized the importance of scholarship and the doors it can open. They made sure that whatever I did, I would do it well. And so I did. I have risen to the challenge. I have performed at the top of my class, joined a multitude of clubs, worked on the weekends, and strived to be successful in the sports setting, playing soccer and golf.

Growing up, bussing tables, I learned how money is earned. At the age of fourteen, I immediately got a job. I worked at The Cottage Cafe for three consecutive years, working Saturdays during the school year, and five days a week during the summer. After two years at the Cottage, I got another job, at The Parkway Restaurant. Working hard and diligently, the Parkway saw my value, and offered me more hours. Consequently, I left the Cottage for the Parkway. I learned that I could earn more money by being an effective and efficient employee. When I look at a table, I don’t see a dollar amount, rather I see an opportunity to strive for creating a positive impact on the dining experience.

I also learned the importance of an integrated relationship with the community. Joining multiple clubs has taught me the skill of working with individuals of different cultures, ethnicities, and most importantly, contrasting ideas. Student Council taught me how to positively impact the school climate. Business Professional of America has been the most influential on my career aspirations. I served as the Treasurer in the 2017-2018 school year, and am currently serving as the 2018-2019 President. It is an organization that aids students in developing professionalism and leadership in the business setting through problem solving. I created a fundraiser called the “10 for 20” that used unprecedented marketing skills in our organization’s history. I went into the community and got ten businesses to donate one hundred dollars, and bought an IPhone X. As a club, we then sold tickets for twenty dollars a piece, hence the name “10 for 20”. This project opened my eyes. I embraced a responsibility to serve my community. In the process, I was able to use my marketing skills along with my financial literacy to successfully raise money for our attendees of the National Convention in Dallas, Texas. This club, a non-for-profit, taught me to manage money on a small scale.

I have also had the privilege to grow up in a household full of inspiration and positive reinforcement. My mother working for NV Homes, and my father being involved in the mortgage business, spec home building, and Keller Williams, has afforded me full circle of knowledge in the housing market, which is reflective of our local community. We live in an area that is heavily focused on real estate.

The result of my academic success, community involvement, and positive role models have led to my career aspirations. My passion for serving my community and aspirations of management have led me to a variety of job opportunities in the future. I hope to one day work for a corporation as a financial manager that serves the community in a positive, impactful way. I want to be in the position to give back to my community through various outlets. I merely want to parallel the successes I have had on a small scale, only on a much larger scale.

Maredy Felipe-Lucas2019 Scholarship Winner

Saw horses, electric drills, and miter saws scattered the bed of my father’s truck; that
was my introduction to carpentry. As a child in route to the beach, my dad would point at
grand houses in exclusive developments and say, “ I helped build that.” I was
engrossed in the concept of hands being capable of building homes, hotels, and
restaurants. I entered my freshman year at my technical school set on one goal; I
wanted to be a carpenter. I was discouraged by classmates for choosing a career path
untraditional for women, but I was ready to break that barrier. I immersed myself into the
class, learning to read and design blueprints, calculate dimensions, and most
importantly use power tools. Simultaneously I gained a passion for creating.
Growing up, I watched the effects of fossil fuels within my community, from
contaminated water wells to sea levels rising in Delaware’s beaches. Over 85 percent of
the energy used in the United States is provided by fossil fuels. As a result, the surface
temperature of the Earth is increasing drastically. Implications include severe weather,
droughts, floods, drastic temperature changes, heat waves, and unstoppable wildfires.
In recent years, a change has become evident in our generation. From the banning of
straws to the ocean cleanup project, modern technology has provided a solution to undo
our toxic footprint on the environment. I began to search for a way to contribute to this
progression. When choosing a career, I wanted to choose that I am passionate about;
one that would make a significant impact on others. I have decided to major in
environmental engineering, dedicating my life to bettering the world.
Learning about renewable energy in my physics class, I gained a large interest in the
powerhouse of renewable energy that covers 71% of our Earth. I began to research
wave power. The future potential of wave power is significant. If fully exploited, about
40% of the world’s demand could be supplied by this resource. However, fully
harnessing energy from a source that is capable of supplying over one-third of the
world’s electricity does not come without a turbulent course. The current challenge that
we face is developing a design that can both fully harness and withstand waves.
In college, I plan to minor in construction management, incorporating green building
techniques in the construction of homes, hospitals, and schools. Techniques including,
the efficient use of energy and water, the use of renewable energy, waste reduction
measures, and the use of materials that are non-toxic and sustainable.
In college, I will utilize my education to make a significant impact on the world. I will
work to develop wave power to its full potential, providing renewable, reliable, and
environmentally invisible energy for generations. But I will also work on designing green
energy building, working to make the techniques a standard in the construction field. An
engineer you see can work in a broad range of projects. As an engineer, I am a
carpenter, an architect, and an innovator. Reading blueprints, designing floor plans, and
calculating dimension, I will carry the fundamentals of carpentry throughout my career.