Congrats to Our Delaware Legacy Scholarship Winners

Kaylee Hall2019 Scholarship Winner
Kaylee Hall CFAC scholarship winner

I am a senior at Indian River planning to attend the University of Delaware majoring in Nursing! Academics, Athletics, and volunteering are what I have valued throughout my high school career. Throughout school, I have maintained a 4.14 cumulative GPA, while in all honors classes, playing 3 varsity sports, and completing countless hours of community service. While doing so, I have also fulfilled an internship to get my CNA, and sustained a job in hopes of graduating without college debt!

The reason I chose nursing as my major is because of my will to help others. This is something I genuinely enjoy, which also helped me make my career decision. I especially enjoy volunteering with children who have intellectual disabilities. These activities include: Unified Basketball, Special Olympics Ambassador, Blue- Gold Ambassador, “Night to Shine” and DRFC Hand-in-Hand “Buddy”. Aside from experience with intellectually disabled kids, I also volunteer with other organizations. Other extracurriculars I am involved in are: Leo Club, Youth Philanthropy Board, Student Council, Class President, National Honors Society, and Adult Ed. Similar to nursing, I get a similar satisfaction in volunteering.

Aside from volunteering, I also participate on many athletic teams! I play Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Track & Field, and Unified Basketball. This year my hockey team made it to the State Championships! I was selected captain both my junior and senior years in these sports as well. In addition, I was also awarded Delaware Women’s Alliance of Sports and Fitness Award, 2nd Team All-State, All-Conference, Governor Carney’s Women in Sports Proclamation Signing Representative, and Heart & Hustle Award. Additionally, I am an athlete as much as a student. Throughout high school, maintaining honor roll and being a leader in the classroom has been consequential to my success. Some academic achievements of mine include Academic All-Conference, Distinguished High Honor Roll and also Student of the Month.

During the summer, I work in Bethany at Captain Jack’s Mini Golf, where I am the business manager. Some responsibilities of mine are to greet customers, process patron transactions, reconcile reports, field patron questions and create the employee work schedule. On the side, I also babysit and dogsit. Meanwhile, this school year I was fortunate to have an internship through my school. In hopes to graduate with my CNA, I have clinicals at Harbor Healthcare This allows me to see first hand what a nursing career would be like, which helped me decide that’s what I want to pursue.
Finances are a significant factor in my secondary education. Thankfully, my parents instilled saving habits in hopes to have a base for my college financials. For example, I haven’t spent a paycheck. Since 14, I’ve worked 6 days a week to pay for a car and my college. My father is also self-employed. I have seen first hand the successful outcome of hard work. Meanwhile, I have a similarly eager, younger sister who has high hopes for college as well. To help pay for college I plan to also have a job while in college. This is so I do not fall behind in student loans and work just as hard as my parents to achieve my professional goals.

In closing, when starting a new chapter in my life, it’s important I obtain a quality education, yet not be weighed down by college debt as I start my future career. With this scholarship, I can comfortably complete college and following graduation, continue to help others through nursing, which is a passion of mine. I also want to sincerely thank everyone who reviews this application and thank the committee for sponsoring this scholarship as well!

Kelsey Kormanik2019 Scholarship Winner

Four years ago my father started his own business in investing in destroyed broken down properties and flipping each and every single one of them into something beautiful, creating not only houses for people but creating homes. This is called real-estate. Freshman year everyone comes into high school confused about what they want to do and what their futures may hold, but not me. I knew exactly what I wanted to take and how that will make me successful in the future. For my technical area I chose carpentry.

I was the only girl in my class up until my junior year, this taught me patience, a gain of responsibilities and overall gave me strength. I fell in love with learning something new each and every day. From starting out with building shelves and cutting boards my first year, to then focusing on the carpentry side, we built sheds the next year, then for the third year creating more detailed projects on the cabinetry side. We then made cabinets and for our last we made drawers and desks. Now I am currently doing Work Based Learning for my father’s business, learning everything I need to know for when I hope to take over by myself after college. Because from taking carpentry in school I have become certified in OSHA and have learned how to safely work on a job site on top of all of the side skills and techniques on building I have learned. Along with carpentry, I have a passion for softball, I have played varsity all four years, going to play my next four at my number one school choice. Aside from carpentry and softball, every Saturday morning I go to one of my local churches and volunteer with a food pantry for those who are struggling.

I plan to major in Business and Marketing next year in college because this will prepare me for the business side of the real-estate, while I still plan to continue to shadow my father’s employees this summer and watch and learn from my dad on how he makes each decision. Every property that my dad has invested in, he starts out with a vision and brings each vision to reality. That is my goal, to be just as successful and creative as him. By shadowing him for almost a year now, I have started to have my own visions that I hope to bring to reality. I talk to my dad about every single one of them so he can help me see how he sees.

Throughout my high school experience, I have always done well in all of my classes but carpentry has always stood out to me. Skills and new techniques seemed to come natural to me until then my teacher taught me more advanced skills that have built me into the person and worker that I’ve become and that I never thought I could be.

Overall carpentry has been my safe place throughout these past four years and I am ready to soon bring my visions to life just like how my dad does. After college I plan to take over the business for my family and invest in properties to flip to create beautiful homes for others.