Our Past Legacy Scholarship Winners & Essays For Maryland

Gabrielle Suplee2019 Scholarship Winner

From the time I was young, I always knew I wanted a career that could make a difference. A difference to not only impact myself, but my community, and the world as a whole. At the start of things, I was set on becoming an aerospace engineer, but when I began high school, my goals took a sharp turn. I enrolled in a technical course that focused on renewable energies. It was in this class I decided I would become an engineer on large-scale renewable energy projects. I would love to oversee the design and installation of wind and solar farms. The values of renewable energies are immeasurable. At the current rate of fossil fuel consumption, the world’s ecosystems are deteriorating at ever increasing rates. With the implementation of these cleaner, greener energies, there’s hope of saving the planets already fragile environment from total, irreversible destruction. My experience in this class was not entirely positive, but I found good in the negatives. I was incredibly discouraged from my choice of career when the instructor would make comments about how women should stick to jobs that utilize their “housekeeping skills”, or keep them from “breaking a nail,” but I don’t let these things deter me. These comments allow me to push myself forward, to succeed, and not to spite him, but rather in spite of one person’s twisted views.

My goals keep me focused, and my family keeps me motivated. My mother was a huge driving force in my pursuit of this career. She passed in March of 2017 after a ten-year battle with kidney cancer. With her around, she ensured I never lacked the encouragement needed to succeed in all my ventures, and now that she’s gone, I am motivated to continue making her proud in any path that I choose. While my school work is an important facet to my character, my volunteer service has undoubtedly contributed to my personality the most. Since I was little, I have been helping my father cater charity dinners to benefit many organizations including Believe in Tomorrow Children’s House by the Sea, Diakonia Shelter, Salisbury School, and more. For many years, I volunteered to mentor young kids as a part of the FIRST Robotics team I was a part of, team #4945. I helped kids through difficult school work, and guided them through robotic competitions.

Over my years in high school, I have been involved in several clubs. My leadership of an all-girls team in Investment Club allowed for a great experience to expand my knowledge of investing. My participation in the Decatur Lifesavers’ Club allowed for me to be involved in several donation drives, including one to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Academically, I have always excelled. I have maintained straight A’s since my start in school, and I have been inducted in National Technical Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. The pride I have in my academics is directly reflected in my achievements. My grades haven’t faltered, even in my advanced placement courses, AP Environmental Science, and AP Statistics. In the fall, I will be attending University of Maryland, College Park to major in Mechanical Engineering, and hopefully dual-minor in Sustainability and Spanish. Though I struggled through the highs and lows of these past few years, I know that I won’t be shaken, or thrown from my path. In the end, my main goal is to make my contribution, however so small, to saving this earth, so that future generations may enjoy all of its beauty to the fullest extent.